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Shifters Quiz:
Which Shifters Character Are you?

Ever wonder which Shifters character you might be? Are you a hot head like Ferrah? Calculating like Kat? Laid back like Ben? Well take this soul reveiling quiz and find out!

( please note that this is just for fun and you'd better not take it seriously, mkay?)

1. In the morning and the first thing you do is:
Have a shower, nothing like being clean..
Wonder what you did the night before.
Get up and flex in front of the mirror thinking how you could tone up a bit more.
Get up, realize you hurt like a bitch from overdoing the exercise the day before..
Get out of bed and immediately check out Cozmo's website for the trend of the day before selecting what to wear..
Morning? I don't get up in the morning. Fuck that..
Get up, look in the mirror and wonder how many times you'll have to save your buddy's ass today.
Roll over and go back to sleep for 5 minutes.. ok, maybe 30.. Do I HAVE to go to school today?
Cuddle up with your sweety and have some fun.
Morning already? Hmm.. looks like it's time to go to bed.
Hurry out of bed because you're going to be late to meet your love and protect them from the competition

2.When you are pissed off at someone, you are more likely to: 
Try to talk about your problems to a friend.
Swallow it and walk away before you kill someone unintentionally.
Destroy their reputation and make their social life miserable.
Tell them off.
Make an eloborate plan to enact a very carefully crafted payback.
Drop something heavy on them.
Make an ass of yourself by postering all macho like until your friends come and bail you out.

Make their friends and loved ones disappear into the night.
Punch the living daylights out of whoever is pissing you off. Might makes right, after many blows.
Challange them to one on one combat in a remote location, but make sure you have the upper hand.
Kill them, period.

3. it's your best friend's birthday. You get them:
Something they've been talking about for a while now, but never got around to buying for themselves.
Something thoughtful and unique. Try to surprise them.
Something practical and useful..
Something for self defence. Hey, its a dog eat dog world out there. 
Something new and definately fashionable. Probably clothes..
Something old and valuble, probably with sentamental value.
Something not obviously cheap, but hopefully novel enough that the fact it's cheap doesn't matter. 

Money. You forgot.. again. 
Something thoughtful and grand! Only the best for your best friend.
A gag gift of somekind. Ha HA! well, it was funny for you at least.

4. Someone with fangs attacks you in the mall! You:
Dodge and find a suitable weapon.
You whip out the silver knife in your pocket and stab them through the heart. That was too easy.
Scream and then hit them with your purchases.. a lot.
Get pissed off and tell that B movie reject wannabe to get some real makeup. He's not even scary..
Grab them as they come in to grab you, wrestle em to the ground.
You smack them for being an idiot. After all, you know this guy..
You dodge, and then run, then look for what your buddies need you to do.
Kick him in the nuts and tell him to piss off before you bite him in two.
You tell your buddy just what to do and let him do the dirtywork.
After dodging easily, you stand back and watch security handle things.
You laugh at their feeble attempts and smack them around a bit for their imputence, in style!

5.You've encountered someone you have a crush on. You'd most likely:
Lay some subtle hints, blush a lot, swoon. Very romantic... or at least try to be.
Show affection by way of poetry, flowers, and be emotionally support.
Ask them out on a date.
Be too busy with work to worry about a relationship.
Feel really wary because you know if you show any emotion you back stabbing best friend will be after them in a heartbeat.
Give them annoymous gifts in the middle of the night.
Lay on total hints, ask them out, be very forward.
Stay away. Everything I touch I destroy.
Try the latest pickup lines and see if anything happens.

Hang around them all the time and keep away anyone who seems to wanna hook up with them.
Wouldn't do or say anything because you don't want anyone to know you're gay.

6.A sport you might play or participate in would be: 
Boxing, helps work out frusterations.
Gymnastics. Mmm flexible.
Football or Rugby.
Field hockey.. only because it gets you out so you can keep an eye on your love interest durring PE.
Martial Arts.

Rally Cross Racing.

7. A life motto for you might be something like:  
" In fashion with a passion, let nothing be passé!"
" Live for the moment, Carpe Diem."
" Good friends are forever."
" What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger."
" You've got to grab what you want in life and hold on forever."
" I'm to sexy for this shirt." 
" If it won't move, hit it. If it still won't move, hit it harder."

" Laziness is just resting before you're tired."
" Never give up! Never surrender!"
" Failure, sacrifice and sorrow are what make us grow."
" My time will come."

8.On any given day, your mood would most likely be:
Laid back.


9.Your idea of a 'good time' would be: 
getting drunk and getting laid.
curling up with a good romance by a warm fire.
winning the big game.
going shopping and getting some premo deals.
going to an amusement park with your friends.
taking out your rage on the scum of the city.
singing opera in the shower.
camping with some buddies.
spending a special evening alone at home with your honey.
A night at the race track.
Dinner and dancing for two.

10. Your favorite type of music would be: 
Remix Techno rock with a wicked dance beat.
New age electronica, some alternative.
Hard Rock n Roll baby. 
Acid punk gothy stuff. Anything realy loud and dark sounding.
Whatever is new and hip. 
Classical themes, Instrumentals.
You'll listen to whatever your friends are listening to.
You don't have time for music, you prefer the news.

Jazz and the Blues baby.
Dance, Rock, Rave.
Alternative mostly.

11.Your in a sticky situation. A bunch of big bad demons have you cornered in a dark alley and are about to cause you serious bodily harm. You: 
Say, ah screw it, Pull out your Desert Eagles, load the silver bullets and let em have it. Fuck the Veil.
Blank out and come too covered in blood. Well that was easy..
Take your Shaman's fetish and cast a banishing.
Tell the low lives to take a hike or your daddy will make sure that the IRS will be on their backs forever.
Try to fake em out and then make a run for it.
Devise a plan for most of your buddies to escape, after all, they are more important than you.
Take control of their minds and break them, causing them to become driveling idiots.

Arrest them for assaulting an officer of the law.
Help your buddy arrest them.
Scream like a woman and try to escape.
Try to posture your way out of it, making you seem tougher than you really are.




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