Vampires, werewolves, and puppet shows!
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In my travels across the web and keenspace I have come across several comics I think are worthy of praise and linkages. These are awesome comics in my opinion and I read them all on a fairly regular basis. I think that if you like Shifters, you'll like these. Some, however, are a little on the adult side in subject matter or content.

A beautifuly done comic with a yaoi theme. ( ended )
Although this hasn't been updated in forever, it is still a good read.
Comic of my good friends Jakkal and Hypnos. The story of an immortal werefox.
This just kicks so much ass that I had to put it here.
Mature themed comic unlike any other. Very provocative, but disturbing. Not for anyone under 18.
Demons in highschool, what more must I say?
Jakkals other comic that takes place in her RP realm.
Something that is just funny.
My current obsession. Awesome storyline and great art.
A manga-esque sci-fi tale.. in space! ( mature content )
My other comic. The story of a immortal evil sorceror undergoing spiritual rehab.
As it says, cute, sexy and purrific. My favorite character is of course, canadian and has a cat. :)
Another comic I draw for! Sexy cat girls -- in space!

These are sites that either list shifters or exchanged links with Shifters.

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