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~ What is it? ~

Keenshift is a keenspace dropdown, which functions sort of like a bit link exchange between comics of a similar nature. It is basically a little bit of javascript you put on your main or links page. The purpose of which is to help promote comics of a like nature, in this case, ones with shapeshifting or transformation themes.

~ Keenshift Perks ~

Keenshift is a great way to get additional traffic to your shapeshifter webcomic. In addition to that, we offer all keenshift members who would like it add free forum hosting on the keenshift forums. We also have little contests and projects from time to time, so check it out and make sure you aren't being left out.

~ Who can join? ~

Keenshift is specifically for comics that deal with shapeshifters, transformation, or characters that change shape *regularly* in some way. Comics with characters that are lycanthropes, werebeasts, changelings, vampires that shapehshift, comics with transformation as a forus in general, etc are all eligible. The only stipulation is that the shapeshifter has to have appeared at least *once* in your comic before you join the dropdown. If you aren't sure if yours qualifies, feel free to send me an e-mail and I'll have a look. Keenshift is a keenspace dropdown, however non keenspace comics are also permitted in the dropdown provided that they meet the basic shapeshifter criteria.

~ How to Join ~

Its very easy to join. First, make sure you fit the criteria. Then copy and paste this line of Javascript somewhere in the html of your main index or links page of your comic.

<script language="javascript" src=""></script>

Then you can either e-mail me at, or you can post a message on the Keenshift messageboard to let me know that you have done it. I'll have a look and then add you to the dropdown.




Shifters is © M.Tary 1998-2004, reproduction of this work whole or in part by electonic media ( webpages) or otherwise ( print ).
Characters and concept © M.Tary aka ShadowsMyst.
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