Vampires, werewolves, and puppet shows!
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The concept and main characters of Shifters were all created by Marie Tary, aka ShadowsMyst. All artwork is done by Marie.

The following stories were written by James Strocel:
Tears of Blood, On the Lam, Shades of Intrigue, Catfight, Out of Control, Damage Control, Wolf's Clothing, The Other Team

The following stories were written by Marie Tary:
Awakenings, Lifting the Veil, Strange Dreams, Blood Bonds, Get Ferrah, The Price of Power, Dogfight.

Characters created by James Strocel include, Vamp Squad PI's Vince and Piotr, Kayle, Schala, The " Pride of the Undercity". All characters are used with permission for the duration of the Shifters project.

All other characters created and owned by Marie Tary.
All site graphics and content © Marie Tary.

All shifters art is © Marie Tary 1998 - present

Please do not use anything you find here graphically or artwise unless you've got express written permission. We have no problems with fan work, as long as you share it with us, properly credit us for our world and characters, ( just put Shifters © and don't sell it.



Shifters is © M.Tary 1998-2004, reproduction of this work whole or in part by electonic media ( webpages) or otherwise ( print ).
Characters and concept © M.Tary aka ShadowsMyst.
Shifters is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.