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Q: Is Shifters based on WhiteWolf's World of Darkness series Werewolf: The Apocalypse?

A: NO. Shifters is NOT based in WW WOD W:tA. To be honest, although I've heard of it, and even played it once or twice at conventions, I've never actually sat down and read the books. I know from others who have that W:tA basically appropriated most traditional werewolf mythos and spun it all into such a yarn that now anything remotely drawing on traditional werewolf legends is pretty much instantly branded a WOD rip-off. What Shifters IS loosly based off is the alternate reality suppliment for the Cyberpunk 2020 RPG called " Night's Edge". Initially I didn't want to set it so far in the future that everything was that dark and hopeless, and everyone was required to be chromed to get along in everyday life, ( and I didn't feel I could adequately draw the tech ), but i've since kind of changed my mind, and I'm in the process of re-writing much of the story. I used ideas from cyberpunk, nights edge, traditional werewolf mythos, modern day therianthropy and some other personal preferences based on what I personally like in my shapeshifters.

Q: Why do so many of the characters look the same?

A: Quite simply? I didn't do a very good designing them and I will endevor to make them look better and more different when I get to redesign them.

Q: Why do so many of your characters have such huge breasts?

A: You know, I've been getting shit from people about this for years. There are a few reasons I do it. 1: I myself have large breasts. (yes, i'm a woman), so when I use myself as a model.. well you get the idea. 2: There is a joke in comics where the most important female characters have the largest breasts and smallest waists. I'm kind of hinting at that joke. 3. it gets a rise out of people.

Q: If I send you a character, will you draw me in the comic?

A: No. Probably not. I've already got all the characters I need for the comic as it is, and honestly I just see it as someone trying to weasel free art out of me. I don't generally like people who are deceptive about such things. I'll tell you right up front, I don't do freebee for anyone but very close personal friends. And just saying " Hi, I luv yr comix" doesn't win you close personal friend status. Even close personal friends have a hard time getting art out of me. So please, don't ask. IF this changes ( IE: I have a contest or something..) Then I will post a notice on the main page.

Q: Do you need a writer? I'd like to write for Shifters.

A: Once again, no. I think too many cooks spoil the broth here and I haven't met any writer with the right 'feel' for shifters as I see it. Also, new writers tend to throw in new characters and new stuff and ignore the world I've already created. I don't like that. So I'll be writing the comic for the forseeable future. Although anyone is welcome to submit a guest script/fan story for inclusion on the site. However, don't expect me to draw anything just because you've sent it.

Q: Can I use your characters/world for a story I'm writing?

A: Yes and no. You are free to write a story based on the shifters world and characters, HOWEVER, there are conditions.

1) My name and credits for the use of my world and characters, preferably with a link to the comic must appear on the work, art or writing.

2) I must be submitted a copy of the work. By creating the work based off my characters, I reserve the right to display the work ( with all proper credits) on the shifters site, this includes art and writing.

3) The author/artist must make it clear that the work is based on characters/world that is NOT theirs and at no time claim any of the canon characters as their own.

4) I ask that you please respect the original work and not mangle the world and character concepts completely.

Q: Do you accept adult oriented Shifters fan art/comics or fiction?

A: Yes, I accept it. I'm actually very amused by such. However, I will only display such works in the contributer area of the site for legal reasons. I have no problem with nudity on display on the main site as long as it is clearly non sexual nudity and will display it normally. So if you wanna do something a little perverted, go ahead, and please send it to me. However, I'll only post it in the contributer section because its password protected and I don't want some kid just stumbling across it and me getting sued. If the comic was Xrated to begin with I wouldn't care, but it isn't, so I do.

Q: Do you do commissions?

A: Yes sometimes. But they are never free, and very infrequent these days. If I do have a commission avaliable, I often auction it off on Furbid. I rarely do anything for under 30$ US. I do not do free commissions, I simply do not have time. At the moment I am NOT accepting commissions from private individuals. I will consider illustration jobs from legitimate companies.

Q: How do I send in a question for the Sunday Post?

A: If you've got a question for the sunday post, just write a letter to the character you want to answer it and send it to shadow at zhypoh dot net.



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