This area is to provide a brief bio and general discription of the main characters. These are listed in no particular order, but all the characters here have appeared in the comic at least once. They are presented in groups of 4.

Ferrah Rolly ~ The Kinsmir
Age: 17
Veil name: Feral

Ferrah was by all rights a normal girl until the faithful halloween night she was bitten by a vampire. But instead of turning into a vampire she shifted, violently, into a huge wolf! However, it became apparent quickly that she was no normal wolf shifter. She had become a creature both hated and feared, a monster neither shifter nor vampire, but sharing aspects of both. She had become a Kinsmir, an ancient horror not seen for 500 years.

Friends with Alice, Nikki
Crush on Ben
Enemies with Holly, Serena
Alliances with John

creators notes : A lot of people seem to think that 'abomination' which I have used to describe the kinsmir is derived from White Wolf games. It ISN'T. It is a word meaning abhorrence or disgust. 'Kinsmir' is a derogatory term for the beast created when a shifter is infected with the LTV virus. Most 'kin' (all races under the veil) look at them with a measure of pity and fear. Because of their perchance for going insane, they are generally considered a danger for that reason primarily. The idea actually spawned from spirituality forums, rather than anything RPG related. To this day, I haven't ever actually read any WhiteWolf book in any detail.

Alice Sherry~ The Werecat

Age: 17
Veil name: Kat

Alice, also known as 'Kat' first shifted when she was 13. Her family is an established line of feline shifters and so her transition to the veil world was relatively controlled and almost planned. She was and still is being trained by Edward Harkus, Ben's Father. Prior to the vampire incident, she never reveiled her shifter nature to Ferrah, who was always her 'normal' friend. Alice is often looked down upon by other shifters due to her small size and apparent weak animal bond. But she knows she has power that they lack, and is always struggling to prove herself.

Friends with Ferrah, Ben
Crush on Unknown
Enemies with Serena
Alliances with Raven, Ben Harkus

creators notes: I've always found werecat mythos to be more interesting that werewolf mythos. Cats are divine messangers in many mythologies and often divinely appointed to provide protection or to aid a predestined individual fulfill their destiny. Its very appropriate that Alice should be a cat, given the larger nature of her responsibilities in this incarnation. I also think she would have died by now if not for those 9 lives cats are so famous for. She's a very interesting character, I think. She's got a lot of depth that I haven't really explored yet.

Ben Harkus ~ The Werebear

Age: 18
Veil name: Sominous

Ben is a year older than either Ferrah or Kat. He's quite involved in sports and dreams of playing professional football. But that dream is forever out of his reach as he is expected to take up his mystic calling and follow in his father's footsteps, becoming a shifter Shaman. He possesses gifts spiritually that have earned him a reputation among even the elder shaman, however it is a talent that costs him dearly. He is extremely self concious that his gifts cost him his intelligence when he shifts to animal form, becoming stalid and unable to think quickly or clearly.

Friends with Ferrah, Nikki
Crush on Alice
Enemies with Lupus, Raven
Alliances with Various animal spirit gods

creators notes: Ben was loosly based on my boyfriend when I created him, but soon took on a very strong life of his own. He's very intelligent, compassionate, gentle and giving, but harbors a huge hatred for himself and the world of the veil. On one hand he can be very outgoing and caring, and on the other brooding, snappish and violent. He's got two very distinct sides which are completely polar opposites. A very interesting character for me to explore.

Nikki Holland ~ The Slayer of Slayers

Age: 17
Veil name: Slayer of Slayers

Nikki Holland has had a rough run of it. Her mother and father were both military personnel. They were both killed in the Middle eastern Conflict when she was only three years old. At that point, the headstrong youngster was put into foster care where she bounced from home to home as they couldn't deal with her 'attitude'. She fell into youth gangs and drugs for a time until one of her foster homes she was placed at brought her into contact with Ferrah Rolly. After a brief period of rivalry, the two became best friends. Nikki cleaned up her act and met a man who changed her life forever. He was a vampire and she fell in love with him at the tender age of 14. Unfortunately, he was a hunted man, and after a car chase with a slayer, it left him dead and her crippled. While she was recovering in the hospital, a vampire who was an associate of her boyfriend approached her. If she would avenge her love, he would provide the means, finances, and training. She agreed. Since that time she has lead a dual life as both a student of the 'normal' world and the Slayer of slayers under the employ of vampires of the veil. She has never disclosed her dual life to any of her friends, including Ferrah.

Friends with Ferrah, Schala, Serena
Crush on No one
Enemies with Slayers, Serena
Alliances with certain Vampires

creators notes : Nikki is a cool character. Unfortunately I really haven't been able to show HOW cool a character she is since the focus of the story is more on ferrah than her. She could easily have a comic all of her own. She is actually a character from another comic idea I had prior to doing Shifters. I might do a mini series of Nikki's past at some time. She is really a very under appreciated character. Nikki is often confused as Ferrah at the beginning of shifters because they had a similar hair style and color.

Lupus/ Kobrin/Holly/The Coyote twins
Maverick/John Sterling/Kasha/Din Tau
Serena/Dr. Soong/Dr, Pillz/Simon
The Circle


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