This area is to provide a brief bio and general discription of the main characters. These are listed in no particular order, but all the characters here have appeared in the comic at least once. They are presented in groups of 4.

Schala ~ The Ancient One
Age: Unknown
Veil name: Schala

Schala's exact history is a mystery to most, but those who have done the research on her have found evidence to support that she was once a romanian noble woman who has disappeared and reappeared periodically throughout history. She appears on outset to resemble any new generation vampire, however her power and demeanor do not suggest that she is. She commands a huge respect from any B vampire she meets, even Old Generation vampires are wary of her and have been known to attack her from time to time with significant force. All such attacks have failed miserably. In recent years she has been known to be operating with Nikki Holland and acts as both a guide, protector, and companion. Although her motivations for agreeing to aid the youth are unknown.

Friends with Nikki
Crush on Unknown
Enemies with Maverick, Old generation vampires
Alliances with Unknown

creators notes : Schala was James' creation. Since then, I've kind of run with her as best I could. She actually kind of fit in really well with other things I developed for the world. She's very old and very wise, but she has quite a plethora of her own demons. Although her goals are not really very clear, she certainly cares a lot and so bears a lot of guilt for not only what she has done, but what all vampires have done to humanity.

Raven~ The Wereraven

Age: Unknown. Estimated to be thirty something.
Veil name: Raven

Raven is a mystery. His origins are unknown, his motivations are unknown, hell even the side he's on is unknown most of the time. The only thing that is known is that he is an informant, and a very VERY good one. Neither the shifters nor vampires like or trust him, but both purchase his services or the services of his 'chums'. Raven is known to be in contact with several groups of werecorvids that provide information for any and all who can pay the price. Raven, while being something of an mercenary, does seem to have an agenda of his own. He currently works with Alice Sherry of his own free will. Why? Perhaps out of guilt, or perhaps he has a thing for her. Raven is an honorable sort, but a scoundrel none the less.

Friends with no one in particular
Crush on who knows
Enemies with Ben, John, Din Tau
Alliances with Kat, Schala, anyone who can meet his price for a time

creators notes: Raven was a secondary character that kinda took on a life of his own. He's growing with the story, which is kind of cool.

Vince ~ The 'Boss'
Age: Fourty Something
Veil name: Vamp Squad P.I., Boss

Vince is the self styled, bishonen type 'Boss' of the Vamp Squad P.I. He is generally very focused on his work, although is vain and very pretty boy. He has a partner, Piotr, and knows that his partner has less than platonic feelings for his boss, but Vince feels he has no time for romantic distractions in his pursuit of the truth.

Friends with Piotr
Crush on Himself
Enemies with Ferrah and the gang
Alliances with People who pay them

creators notes: Vince is another one of James' creations. Actually, the whole Vamp Squad thing was his idea. I'm struggling with keeping these guys at the same kind of level they were. If they stick around, they will probably evolve from their original incarnation. On a side note, James is intending to do his own comic thing with Vince and Piotr, however it will not be based in the Shifters mythology.

Piotr ~ The 'Sidekick'

Age: Fifty Something
Veil name: Piotr, Vamp Squad P.I.

Its no secret that Piotr has a huge crush on his boss Vince and as such forgoes his normally very logical self for the love of his object of affection. Its clear that Piotr knows a lot more than he's letting on and seems to be happy to let Vince lead the way as he follows behind.. to admire his behind.. *coughs * yeah.

Friends with Vince
Crush on Vince
Enemies with anyone who wants vince
Alliances with Vince

creators notes : see vince's note.

Kaylie ~ The Younglie
Age: Appears to be about 14, is really about 100.
Veil name: Kaylie

Kaylie is a rather eccentric vampire. A younglie she was turned before she really hit puberty, but she's fully mature mentally. She acts like a ditz, cute, and young, but in reality she's quite crafty, calculating, and experienced in everyway imaginable, having survived as a younglie for so long. She possesses some abilities that are quite rare for a younglie to have including the ability to fly and to create solid shadow appendages which she uses to kill people she doesn't like.

Friends with Ferrah
Crush on Ferrah
Enemies with almost all vampires, shifters and espi.
Alliances with Ferrah

creators notes: Kaylie was something James came up with and the character is shot in the head in Issue 12.

Lupus/ Kobrin/Holly/The Coyote twins
Maverick/John Sterling/Kasha/Din Tau
Serena/Dr. Soong/Dr, Pillz/Simon
The Circle


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