Shifters RolePlaying Game


Yes, you heard right, the Shifters RPG.

The Shifters RPG is a play by post and chat RPG, depending on which you prefer to participate in. It is not freeform in that you can't play whatever you feel like and there are very specific rules about character approval and what you can and cannot do. The RPG does not infuence the comic in anyway other than it is set in the same world, so don't try to join the RP thinking that you can get into the comic because you won't.

If you are still interested in playing, there are some basic things you should know. They are listed below. You should read this whole section before attempting to participate in the RP, particularly the chat. If you have questions you can always post in the Shifters RP messageboard.

Before you Begin you will need to make a character. Please make sure you have filled out and submitted a character sheet on the forums for approval.

In character channel: #shifters
ooc channel: #shifterscomic

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