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Shifters is played over IRC and over a messageboard.

The Shifters Messageboard game is a lot slower paced and generally better for people who aren't on a lot. The chat is better for those who like a fast paced, real life game. However both games require that you visit the messageboard fairly regularly for errata, storylines and character approvals.

If you join the chat, you should join both #shifterscomic (ooc channel and general chat ) and #shifters ( RP area)

The RP takes place in Shade City in general and may occure at any of the following locations, or others:

Shade City Memorial High
Westside Station (Tram)
Central Skyside Tram Station
Onexea Megaplex ( or the 'Plex )
Ashram Mediplex
Club Estranger
Devil's Own
The Undercity WareHouse district #2
Undercity slum :"Alley City"

All these locations have descriptions on the messageboard. I suggest you read them, as likely these areas will be those that see the most action.
I'll post the Descs here as I get them written up. I'll also work on a map of the central areas of Shade City.

In character channel: #shifters
ooc channel: #shifterscomic

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