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Death in the RPG


To put it very simply, characters cannot kill characters without player agreement. Why? Well first off, I don't want people just offing each other to get either new characters, or to prove how bad ass their characters are. That is what NPCs are for. Think of PCs ( player characters ) being the main characters of a movie or story. They shouldn't die unless there is a damn good reason plotwise. This includes villians as well as hero characters. What good is it to play a villian if all the good guys can just gang up on you and kill your ass? However, this does not give you an invincible licence. They can still hurt, maim, or drive you away.

Please not that characters, unless under VERY special permission will NOT be permitted to be resurrected. Characters that are dead are DEAD, so don't go killing your characters just to think you can resurrect them a few sessions later. Doesn't work that way. Also, don't just make characters to kill them off. I don't like having to approve massive amounts of characters for one person every week because they didn't make someone they liked or got into the game right away. It takes a little patience people. Make sure you read the rules of Battle and Conflict for more on what is permitted and expected in battles.


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