Shifters RolePlaying Game: No Zippies


You may have heard the term zippy before. Its also used with the terms, " Godplayer", " Munchkin", " Godmoder", and " Powergamer". What are these you ask? Well, let me tell you.

These are players who like powerful characters. I mean really powerful characters. The players seem to get their rocks off lording it up over other characters, basically creating these massive combat monsters that haven't an ounce of creativity in their whole being. Some of the typical signs of one of these assmunches are as follows:

  • Character is indestructible and unharmable. If not indestructible, can dodge and parry everything.
  • Never takes damage.
  • Deals own damage.
  • Will try to kill an opponent with a single blow, without giving the opponent a chance to dodge.
  • Will declare an opponent dead when they are not.
  • Has a weapon or something that gives him power over everything.
  • Can kill a god with a single blow from said weapon.
  • Does not respect the other character's powers and abilities.
  • Acts without considering the consequences of their actions on everything.
  • Will take on thirty kinsmir single handedly and not even get dirty (or expects to at least)
  • Is a hack and slasher and has no sense of creative roleplaying.
  • Seems to focums on nothing but combat.
  • Has no sense of humor about combat, takes it way to seriously.
  • Never bothers to understand what they are fighting or want to fight. 

Playing with characters that are played as mentioned above have exactly zero fun value for any of the other players involved. As such, I will not tolerate or approve any characters that even remotely stink of zippiness. So if you are a player like this, who enjoys nothing but combat and doesn't actually want to ROLEPLAY, don't join.

The shifters RP has a Zero Zippy Tolerance policy. Which means if I find you being a zippy, you are gone and banned. Got it? Good.



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