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Battles and Conflicts


Well it isn't an RPG without a scrap or two.

But since there is no GM and no dice really to speak of, there have to be rules to be followed in combat. Because of the rather loose nature of the game at this point, a lot of it is based on trust between players. This is as much a guide to exciting combat as it is rules for engagement.

1) Don't get into a fight unless you are willing to have your character suffer some form of injury, maiming or even possibly death. While characters cannot die without consent from the player, PCs can suffer and should as a result of fighting.

2) Dodging is boring. While you can dodge, block, parry, and otherwise escape injury and death at the hands of a blade or something, you can't do it forever. To make the combat interesting, make sure the character suffers some form of " dramatic wound" from good attacks from your opponant. A dramatic wound is a wound that might be messy, but isn't fatal or really even hampering to the character. Like the typical "scratched cheek" in anime, or something. This is especially true for things like vampires and what not.

3) Look upon combat as a way to show your characters intelligence, inginuity and powers as well as his strength, speed and prowess. Keep in mind that veil creatures will try to hide their nature from humans especially, and the Law still does apply in Shade City. Breaking the law is bad. There are concequences. Your character knows this. Be ready to face those concequences.

4) Players cannot " call damage" on other players. That is they cannot decide how or even if their powers affect another player. The affected player decides how much effect the power or attack has on them. Once again, there is some honor system in this, and if it is abused, you'll get punted. If your character is not immune to the other character's power specifically, please react accordingly and make it exciting! There is nothing more boring than a character who always kicks ass or a character that never has to struggle to survive.

5) The name of the game is drama folks. This should be EXCITING to read. Try to be descriptive in your posts but not too verbose. Remember the dodging man is a boring man.

6) Guns are really hard to dodge, save by supernatural beings. Grenades and missles are impossible to dodge period. You can take cover and suffer half damage, but most of the time these weapons are very lethal. Keep that in mind when you pull them out. Grenades and other explosives or weapons with an area of effect will likely deal a lot of damage to the person who set them as well as the target if they are in an enclosed space. Another note to consider.

7) If in doubt, or people wish for simple numbers to help work out their combat. All characters have hit points equal to their strength, which may not exceed 10. A hit subtracts 1 point. When points reach zero, the character is unconsious. If a character suffers further damage equal to or exceeding their strength, they are dead. Characters who are in the -hp range require medical intervention to return them to conciousness. Combatants may agree that a weapon or a particular blow may inflict more or less than the 1 pt of standard damage. For example, a gun ( 9mm ) may inflict 2 pts of damage, but a .45 may do 3-4 depending on the round. OR a 9mm may only do a 1/2 point of damage to a vampire or shifter, but with silver or phosphorus rounds it may do 4-5 pts.


But the most important thing about combat is for all participants to have a good and exciting time. If people aren't having fun, then there is obviously a problem and should be discussed with SM or another moderator.



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