This area is to provide a brief bio and general description of the main characters. These are listed in no particular order, but all the characters here have appeared in the comic at least once. They are presented in groups of 4.

Serena ~ The Ditz
Age: 17
Veil name: Not Applicable

Serena is sort of your typical valleygirl you might find in any highschool situation. She's a cheerleader, thinks she's oh so popular and dates the quarterback. She has a strange sort of affinity for Nikki, even though Nikki largely hates her. On the other hand she dislikes Ferrah and particularly Kat very very much. She delights in putting people down, and putting herself up.

Friends with 'the popular crowd' at school
Crush on Chris the Quarterback
Enemies with Kat, Ferrah
Alliances with whoever seems to be 'hot' at the time

creators notes : Basically Serena is a bit character who is supposed to be a sort of non veil involved person, showing a contrast between lives of people in the veil and not. However, since the crew haven't been at the school.. well, you do the math.

Dr. Yuan Soong ~ The Researcher

Age: 61
Veil name: Doc

Dr. Soong is considered one of the foremost authorities in the veil on the LTV virus. He's spent his life studing the two strains of the virus and comparing them trying to unlock the scientific secrets of their makeup in the ongoing war against the B type infection which spreads out of control. He has a son named Simon who had an unfortunate run in with a very starved Ferrah, although he has no idea that this chance encounter will lead him towards the unthinkable. Dr. Soong was also Kat's doctor while she was in the hospital after Ferrah ravaged her.

Friends with Simon (his son), Dr. Pillz
Crush on his wife
Enemies with anyone who questions his research
Alliances with various medical professionals and veil personnel.

creators notes: The good Dr, while only playing a very small roll in the first part of the story, plays a much more significant role later in the game.

Dr. Lucas Pillz ~ The Assistant
Age: 47
Veil name: Splicer

Dr. Lucas Pillz is Dr. Soongs personal assistant and research partner. He is a man gifted in the area of genetic research and is unmatched when it comes to genetic splicing and analysis. One of the reasons Dr. Soong guards his assistant's position with zealot like fury is that he needs Lucas' talents for unraveling genetic code to figure out the secret of Vampirism and the LTV virus. He explained to Kat how the LTV virus works and differs from strain to strain.

Friends with Dr. Soong
Crush on no one.
Enemies with people who threaten his research
Alliances with various medical personal and veil personal

creators notes: Lucas, like Dr. Soong, has a very significant roll in the later part of the story. In the beginning he serves to help explain the LTV infection.

Simon Soong ~ The Victim

Age: 21
Veil name: Wraith

Prior to his encounter with Ferrah, Simon was pretty much your average nerd with a slight case of autism. He was an extremely gifted EVE programmer and made a tidy sum programing for VR emersion games and simulations, as well as EVE enviroments while he worked on his degree at Shade City University. However, all this changed the night he found a bloody and naked Ferrah while coming home from an friends place in the undercity. What he became after that meeting is a fundamental point in the future story.

Friends with some net programmers
Crush on Ferrah
Enemies with Hackers, various other net factions.
Alliances with fellow geeks and programmers

creators notes : Simon plays a huge role in the upcoming storyarc. A lot of people what to know what is up with him, and I promise, its coming.

Lupus/ Kobrin/Holly/The Coyote twins
Maverick/John Sterling/Kasha/Din Tau
Serena/Dr. Soong/Dr, Pillz/Simon
The Circle


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