This area is to provide a brief bio and general discription of the main characters. These are listed in no particular order, but all the characters here have appeared in the comic at least once. They are presented in groups of 4.

The Maverick ~ Vampire Weapon
Age: Estimated to be over 500 years old
Veil name: Maverick

Not much is known of Maverick prior to his capture by the Order of Mages in the late 1500s. Over the centuries has become a key weapon in the Mage's arsenal against the forces of the Dark Star. The magic that controls him is very powerful and very old, using the nearly lost art of Mage Seal magic, a power that only Din Tau, once head of the order, truly understands. Maverick is unique among vampires in both his range of abilities and immense power. It is said that he is truly immortal among vampires and that he cannot be killed and that is why he was captured. He displays the normal tell tale signs of a type B infection, ( red eyes, pointed ears.) but his power is more like that of a mature old gen. The seals on him currently alter him from his original appearance and restrain his power. As well the mages have given him special claws and key items on his coat allow his controller to remotely view whatever he sees and hears as well as speak with him telepathically.

Friends with John Sterling ( in the past )
Crush on Schala
Enemies with Pretty much everyone
Alliances with Din Tau

creators notes : Maverick was originally proposed to me by a friend in a short story. Since then the character has become something completely different, the only thing retaining being the name. He's become a very interesting villian to me and continues to evolve with the story.

John Sterling ~ The 15th Kinsmir

Age: 500 years +
Veil name: Sterling, Kinsmir

John's history prior to when he became a Kinsmir is largely lost to anyone save him. Rumor has it he was part of a gypsy group of Slayers prior to the Veil in the late 1400s. He apparently used to be friends with Maverick prior to his capture by mages and knows Schala as well. John became a kinsmir shortly after the first major outbreak of LTV B in europe. He was the only one to survive the cleansing that destroyed the other 14 Kinsmir. He vanished until recently where he has returned to seemingly aid Ferrah, the 16th Kinsmir. Why is anyone's guess.

Friends with No one exactly
Crush on He's not saying.. Kasha will eat his ear.
Enemies with Maverick, Din Tau, and many many others
Alliances with Ferrah.

creators notes: John is actually based on a real person that I know. He's actually developed into something of a fan favorite for his badassedness. I'm thinking that him, Maverick and Schala may get their own comic.

Kasha ~ The DemonKitty
Age: Unknown
Veil name: Kasha, DemonKitty, WeaponKeeper

Kasha is an ancient creature known as a Darkling. The originate from the first attack ever done by the Darkstar and are speculated to be fragments of the Star itself. Normally they are quite evil and selfish beings living only to cause misery, corrupt or kill the creatures of gaia. Kasha is somewhat different than most Darkling largely due to her relationship with John. She provides a very useful service to him and as a result of their close bond, has changed her nature somewhat. She's still very violent and often very selfish, but she has come to be able to control herself more for the sake of another and has learned to care about someone other than herself.

Friends with John Sterling
Crush on John Sterling
Enemies with anyone who threatens John
Alliances with anyone who john is alright with.

creators notes: Kasha, like sterling is based on a real person, although the real person is not quite as violent or possessive she does possess some similar qualities of the cat character.

Din Tau ~ The Renegade Mage

Age: exact age is unknown, but he is speculated to be over 100 years old.
Veil name: The Seal Mage. Tau, The Tiger

Din Tau was once the First of the Order, and had been for quite some time before he suddenly up and supposedly died. When it was discovered that he had faked his death and had violated several of the orders rules by both leaving, faking his death, and covering his body in forbidden mystic tattoos, the order tried to stop him, once. They failed horribly and as such have left Tau alone, content simply to follow his movements for now. Tau is unchallenged and is still widely ( if in hushed tones) regarded as the most powerful mage on the planet. Tau seems to be working to his own designs now, using his powerful magic and mage connections to his own ends.

Friends with No one
Crush on No one
Enemies with The Order, John Sterling, Ferrah
Alliances with Maverick

creators notes : Din Tau is probably what you could call the primary antagonist in Shifters. He's got a the skinny on what the whole story is going to eventually boil down to and he means to mess with fate. You can bet when he shows up, big things are going down.

Lupus/ Kobrin/Holly/The Coyote twins
Maverick/John Sterling/Kasha/Din Tau
Serena/Dr. Soong/Dr, Pillz/Simon
The Circle


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