This area is to provide a brief bio and general discription of the main characters. These are listed in no particular order, but all the characters here have appeared in the comic at least once. They are presented in groups of 4.

Lupus Nash ~ Alpha
Age: 17
Veil name: Big White

Lupus comes from a fairly powerful and respected shifter family with a strong canid history. He's been blessed with a strong wolf shifter aspect that puts him in a situation to lead his family later in life. Unfortunately this has gone to his head slightly and he's created his own 'pack' at the highschool as it were. He leads this group, but his arrogance, bad judgement, and general inablility to see beyond the end of his nose doesn't make him an ideal leader. Physically however, he is more than capable and is fully willing to exert this dominance over anyone who questions him. He's something of a casanova when it comes to women and expects any female canine shifter to be 'fair game' despite what his current 'girlfriend' Holly Tate would say. His animal form is that of a large white wolf. Thus his veil name, which almost no one calls him.

Friends with Kobrin, Coyote twins
Crush on Ferrah, Holly
Enemies with Ben, Kat
Alliances with Other 'packs' of canines

creators notes : Lupus originally was something of a love interest for Ferrah somewhere down the road, but sort of feel out of that roll as the character developed into something of an airheaded jock personality. He's not one of my favorite characters, but he gives me someone to spank around.

Korbin Loche ~ Beta

Age: 17
Veil name: Koby

Kobrin is a very intelligent and quiet sort. His family and Lupus' have been in alliance for some time and as a result kobrin has had to endure the endless bullying of Lupus and is constantly cleaning up the messes the other boy makes. Kobrin has no desire to lead, but at the same time he resents constantly having to deal with Lupus' stupidity. He is the most reasonable member of the Wuulf pack.

Friends with Lupus, Kat
Crush on Unknown
Enemies with No one in particular.
Alliances with Unknown

creators notes: Admittedly, kobrin is designed after a friend. I don't see that friend much any more, but I still keep the character reappearing from time to time as he's become a part of the world.

Holly Tate ~ The Werefox
Age: 16
Veil name: Foxy

Holly is a less that nice personality in the group. She's all about power and position. She latched onto Lupus for his strength, position and ease of control. She is not at all pleased about his wandering eyes. In fact, she makes it her personal goal in life to see that any woman that challenges her position learns to regret it. However, when she decided to teach Ferrah that lesson, she got more than she bargained for.

Friends with no one in particular
Crush on who knows
Enemies with Ben, John, Din Tau
Alliances with Kat, Schala, anyone who can meet his price for a time

creators notes: Holly is, quite simply, a bitch. She's one of those popularity seeking bitches you knew in highschool and hated. I don't totally understand her popularity save for that she is a fox shifter, fights naked, and will sleep her way to power if nessisary. :P

Ashley & Amy ~ The Coyote Twins

Veil name: 'Yote twins

The twins are quite a bit younger than most of the shifters cast, they are rather back ground characters that say.. well.. almost nothing. Both keep to themselves but follow lupus around. No one knows exactly why.

Friends with no one in particular
Crush on who knows
Enemies with No one in particular
Alliances with Wuulf pack

creators notes : These two are really filler. Not much I've ever done or plan to do with them.

Lupus/ Kobrin/Holly/The Coyote twins
Maverick/John Sterling/Kasha/Din Tau
Serena/Dr. Soong/Dr, Pillz/Simon
The Circle


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