Shifters Chat


Yep, I succumbed and set up a chat. It is in IRC so you'll either want to get an irc client or you'll have to use the Javaclient if you don't have one or can't install one.
On the PC I'd recommend MIRC, or if you are already using the uber instant messanger Trillian, you can use that.

On Mac OS9, I'd suggest ShadowIRC or ircle.

On Mac os X, i'd suggest IRC or Mozilla if you need something free. If you want to pay for it, IRCLE also works under OSX.

We are at
Port 6667
Channel: #shifterscomic

Don't know how to use IRC? Fortunately, there's help here.

Take me to the Javaclient, I need something I can use from the web!



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